Health Plan Will Benefit The Individual

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How the health plan will benefit the individual
The changes that I have made to Julia’s health plan are very different to her normal lifestyle. This will change the way she lives and make her feel happier and less depressed. She is always stressed and worried over things and hopefully this health plan will make her less stressed. I have changes every bit of her lifestyle such as her diet, how much Julia drinks, her weight, how much Julia exercises and Julia’s social and personal life. Julia’s new diet plans will help her increase her weight because Julia’s weight is really underweight so this will make Julia’s weight normal and will benefit her in the long run as she will have no problems with her weight that will cause harm and damage to her. By eating the right amounts of food and the right types, Julia will be healthier and will get used to eating the right foods which will also benefit her in the long run as those foods will be good to her body and make her weight normal and she will be able to lead a happy life without any problems occurring. As Julia smoke a lot, I have made her health plan to gradually cut down on cigarettes so she does not get cancer and it will benefit her in the long run. As far as the amount Julia drinks, it can cause her diseases and cancer and you can become alcohol dependent. I have made the health plan specific to her needs so that she does not need alcohol to support her when she’s depressed and so alcohol does not harm her body as it can cause many diseases and serious illnesses. So that Julia does not get nay withdrawal symptoms of quitting on alcohol, I have made Julia slowly quit alcohol which will help her as she will not have any withdrawal symptoms and she will eventually quit alcohol which will also be better for her in the long run. Julia will also need to exercise because she does not exercise at all except for walking to work and back. She will exercise more as it will keep Julia fit and well toned which will make her feel better about herself and will also be good for as it will keep her body fit and good and will keep her active. She will feel less lazy and more active and happy. She will start to enjoy more sports activities such as swimming, kick-boxing and jogging which will get her to be more sociable and she will be recognised in the society she lives in. Also, she will feel like she is more active and think she is not lazy as she will be doing active stuff. Being with people will make Julia feel more into the society and feel welcome which will also not get her stressed and left out. She will also not be lonely all the time. I have made Julia to see more of her friends, co-workers, family, and neighbours and to meet people through certain activities such as sport activities, e.g. swimming. This will get Julia more friends and so she will be more cheery and happier. She will feel more soft and gentle on the inside and give her more confidence in her work and jobs. She will be more confident inside and outside her house which will also not get her tensed and build up her confidence. As she will not be lonely anymore, she will have more stuff to do and have more fresh air because she will be going outside more which will not give her a lot of thinking time which can make people miserable and worried all the time. As it says on the health improvement plan for emotional well-being that Julia will need to put on weight because it can cause harm to her later on in life if she keeps her weight the same so this makes her stressed so to get Julia’s emotional well-being to fine, she needs to follow the BMI weight and diet health plan that I have written for her. Also, the social health plan can also get her emotional wellbeing to fine as it does not get her too stressed and make her jollier.
Why the targets are appropriate
Because Julia is not used to eating very much, I have made her health improvement plan adapt to her because the instructions I have given her are very simple and