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Why is human resource planning important
I will be talking about the human resource planning within organisations like Tesco why it is important. It is not easy as one might think because for instance in Tesco HR needs to make the work easier for everyone. Human resource planning is important towards an organisation because it develops the strategies for matching the size and the skills of the workforce’s organisational needs. Human resource planning helps the organisations to recruit, optimize and retain the developments of all the personal needs so that they can meet the development and the respond to the external environment. HR planning involves the gathering of information, making decisions and making objectives which would enable the organisation to achieve its goal which would then lead to them achieving their aim. The organisation objectives and aims for the future determine the future needs of the human resources. It means that the number and mix of the human resources are the overall organizational strategy. It follows many procedures including how they need to assess the technological changes and new jobs/skills.
There are four main reasons for human resource planning.
It gives employers a clear link between their business plan and HR plan so that they can bring the plans together and work effectively.
The organisation can control staff costs and numbers more cost efficiently.
It creates a simple profile for staff which are related to gender, date of birth etc.
Employers easily build up a skill profile for each employee. This makes it a lot easier for the employers to give them work for where they’re most valuable for the organisation.
If HR planning works effectively it will mean that staffs full potential will be shown and that the business will be running at 100%. Employees can do challenging work that means that they can motivate themselves. They can get the employees that are properly qualified to be given the job e.g. Tesco staff had to memorize where all the stock was inside that store and if they couldn’t they wouldn’t be qualified to do the job.
I shall be now be talking about how HR planning affects the Tesco . Tesco being a big PLC (public limited company) needs affiliation and power so that it can combat other supermarkets. Since Tesco are large companies they need to make sure that they keep competitive with other companies to do that HR plans so that they’re socially sustainable e.g. with Tesco they have to make sure that at all the stores everyone is trained properly in using the cash point so that no one is wasting time for them. If they do not do this that means that the reputation of Tesco would go down in that area because they would believe that staff isn’t well trained. In Tesco they make sure that the no businesses have too many or too little staff e.g. if they’re too many people working in Tesco in Barnstaple but too little people working in Exeter Tesco’s HR would move people from Barnstaple to Exeter. This means that Tesco would be ensuring that all staff is working effectively and efficiently and that Tesco are being efficient with money and time. This overall means that Tesco HR Planning are very important because without them a company would be in disarray.
Businesses have used awards, incentives and recognition schemes to encourage employees so that they are working and improving performances. Employees will then get given goals by HR so that they can receive incentives towards the organisation. If an employee is seen to follow these goals they may be spotted by management. This means they’re always motivated and produce at high levels, so they can be promoted. Some employees have a trial period and if they do their best it means that they can have an opportunity to work long term in the business. This is measuring and managing the competence that the employee has, like the employers must be prepared to invest in that single individual. This means they can make competence for the