Meriwether Lewis Jefferson Analysis

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Narrator: Now Thomas Jefferson became the new president in united state and he had dreamed of sending explorers across North America.

Jefferson: What is North America look? Has anyone been there before?

Narrator: Jefferson is asking the Congress.

Congress: No…. what do you want to do Mr. president.

Jefferson: Oh, I just want someone explores the North America and the area around there.

Congress: How exploring North America can change our conditions Mr. president?

Jefferson: Well, many countries sent out many explorers to explore for their country and when they came back almost everything got advanced. For example a new weapon and new food.

Narrator: Jefferson has no money to send any explorers to explore North America. Finally he wrote
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Having reached the rank of captain in the U.S. Army, Lewis possessed military discipline and experience that would prove invaluable.

Jefferson: Hi, Lewis would you help me to do something?

Lewis: what it is?

Jefferson: I would like you to go on an expedition and you are the captain of the expedition. You will in charge of everything during the expedition.

Lewis: sure, It my pleasure.

Jefferson: Lewis you should find a person that assist you.

Lewis: Thank you Mr. president for your advice.

Narrator: Lewis wanted a co-captain for such a long and risky mission, his old army commander William Clark, who was four years older, an expert mapmaker and river man, and a proven leader.

Lewis: My commander William Clark, you are a such great leader. Would you like to become a co-captain for such long and risky expedition?

Clark: Sure, I love this such challenge.

Narrator: Now, Thomas Jefferson's dream came closer to becoming a reality.

Narrator: It was important for Lewis to gain certain scientific skills and to buy equipment that would be needed on the journey. In the spring of 1803, Lewis traveled to Philadelphia to study with the leading scientists of the