Meriwether Lewis Research Paper

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Meriwether Lewis was an American explorer and politician during the early 1800s. Lewis was commonly known as one of the principal explorers in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In October, 1809 he was traveling with companion Major James Neely. On October 11, 1809 they were staying at an inn called Grinder’s stand. That same day he was found dead in his room. He had killed himself attempting to relieve the pain caused by Malaria, which he contracted during his western expedition. Meriwether Lewis contracted Malaria during his Western Expedition. Malaria is generally caught by being bitten by an infected mosquito. Mosquitos typically live in hot, humid climates, at the time parts of Western America had hot, humid climates. Clearly there was an abundance of mosquitos in the area during the Expedition. …show more content…
A symptom of Malaria is loss of appetite. In Alexander Wilson’s letter it says “had not eat but a few mouthfuls”. This tells us that he was eating very lightly. A symptom of Malaria is mental confusion. In Alexander Wilson’s letter it says “(he) walked backwards and forwards before the door talking to himself”. This informs us that Lewis was not in a right state of mind. A symptom of Malaria is high fever. In the editor’s note in Captain Gilbert Russell’s public statement it says “he had detained Lewis at the fort for his own protection until he was well enough to resume his journey”. This gives us evidence that he was physically sick. Lewis was showing all of these symptoms because he did, in fact have