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10 Essay
What factors contributed to the flourishing of South American and Mesoamerican cultures and states?
Some general factors involving the successes of both cultures and states are divided up to the initial values and traits woven into and among the inner teachings of each individual culture. Agricultural technology was booming and was determined to be of the necessary means of production and success within a community and or civilization. (Textbook Page 332) Both cultures cropped beans, chili peppers, and squash. Their whole government and way of living were based on the idea of them producing a certain type of agriculture and to make things even better they had similar deities. (John Green Video)
On the peoples section we learn about the Chavin civilization’s humble abodes (the stone structures) that undoubtedly showed the social stature and wealth factor of one’s standing. When determining that in comparison to the abode dwellings we notice the factors that showed if you were broke or rich. (PowerPoint)
Obviously just like other countries still do today the amount and materialism items and dwelling determined the individuals place in the society. In the intervening time America raining in riches and strength hungry showed the type of atmosphere they wanted to be a part of and i.e. showed their standard of living. In a world where money is the root of all evil, the continents and people of the land decide to limit what one does and