Mesopotamia Essay

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Courtney Rogers

Many things from history, lives on to the modern society we live in today; which is why we study history. We study history so things in history don’t repeat, and to show where everything we know of today, originated. What has helped influence modern society that we live in today? Mesopotamia has made modern western civilization the most impact and was the most successful River Valley Civilization, in my opinion.
Mesopotamia was our “cradle of civilization” because it was the first place where our society today started taking shape. Not only did the intelligent people of
Mesopotamia create this shape of our civilization today, they used their resources which made them successful as a civilization. They had the most important advances.
Mesopotamia is between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which helped with agriculture and it helped having that rich, fertile soil needed to farm; this allowed cities to grow. The fact that the Mesopotamian people had easy access to food and water also made it easy for them to last a relatively long time. The people of Mesopotamia created the first form of writing, literature was born!
This helped us to communicate and as technology is getting more and more advanced, writing can always be used and everything boils down to writing. Without writing our lives would be unbelievably different. The Assyrian Empire of Mesopotamia created

libraries, for us to store our writings and records. Guess we derived creativity from
The creation of the wheel from Ancient Mesopotamia
We use this on vehicles today, if someone didn’t come up with that idea we probably would not be having high technology mobile vehicle transportation like we