Message Of Remembering In The Devil's Arithmetic

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The Devil’s Arithmetic
Jane Yolen was inspired to write The Devil’s Arithmetic to convey the terrible conditions the Jews had to experience. WWII began on September 3, 1939; during WWII many Jews were taken to concentration camps because Adolf Hitler believed the Jews were against the Germans, Hitler did not want to take a chance of losing power. Yolen conveys the message of remembering better than Dietch through dehumanization, religion, and characters.
The events that occur in the story help convey the message of remembering better than how the movie conveys the message. As said by Hannah on page 4, “All Jewish holidays are about remembering.” Yolen is trying to convey that remembering plays an important part in the Jewish faith through stressing it, again and again, the idea of remembering throughout the book. The filmmakers may say this message is present throughout the movie. However, the movie does not include Grandpa Will yelling at the concentration camps on the television because he remembers the times when he was taken there, which is a key scene in conveying the idea of remembering. In the book, Aunt Eva says, “You have
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As said on page 102, “The smokestack and the ominous black curl emerging from it, dissipating against the bright blue sky, reminded her of something.” Yolen is using the “bright blue sky” to help Hannah remember her past life, Hannah is remembering Aaron. The opposition may say, being able to view the setting is better. Nonetheless, the movie does not include the important setting of the bright blue sky during the execution, which is important in conveying the idea of remembering her family. The text states, “Suddenly remembering the pictures on the television, the ones that made her grandfather so crazy, Hannah shook her head” The book shows how angry remembering the concentration camps and their setting negatively affected Hannah’s