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In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful; Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe. May peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, the last of the prophets and messengers, and upon his family and esteemed companions. Peace be upon you O Messenger of God (Mohammad), there is no one better than you I have ever met, women won't give birth to a child that is more beautiful than you, yet you have been created without any defect as you were created as you like. You got the message which God had given it to you and you brought it to us. Assalamu alaikum (Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings) prophet Mohammad.
You have taught me to stay firmly on the religion of Allah. You have taught me to have mercy on the young children, the great respect on the old people, and kindness to the poor and needy people. You have taught me to keep modest and to look at this life as it can end at any moment, so I have to look at these moments in my life which will help me in the other life. You have taught me to stand with the oppressed and to strike at the hands of the oppressor. You have taught me to respect my parents, talk to them with respect, pray for them in every prayer and take care of them when they become older. I always repeat in my mind what Allah says in Quran, "And your Lord has commended that you worship none but Him. And that you be kind to your parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age in your life, do not say a word of (heat and) disrespect to them, and do not brush them aside, instead, talk to them (respect and) honor.(17.23) And, (out of kindness), lower to them the arm of submission by being humble through mercy, and say: ‘My Lord! Grant to them Your Mercy as they brought me up (dearly) during my childhood.’ (17.240).” You have taught me a lot from what you had been taught by Allah Almighty, so you are really a mercy for all creatures (Humans and demons). O Mohammad who I love him and I have not seen him yet, I have been doing what you have taught us wishing to see our Lord with you in the heaven. O Mohammad, I believe that you remember when you were exhausted and the pain showed on your face then your wife Aisha came to you and asked you if you have had a day that was harder and more painful than this day, and you said it was the day when you went to Al-taif to tell its people the message of Allah. Then, they did not believe you and they started throwing stones at you until your blood reached your feet. After that, you left Al-taif wounded and you regained consciousness outside the city. Then, the angel Gabriel visited you and told you that Allah has heard what those people said to you and if you wanted Allah to order the angel of the mountains to close the two mountains at them, and you were merciful to them when you responded to Gabriel that “But you ask Almighty God to come out of the solidity of the worship of Allah Almighty alone, not associating anything with Him”. I want to tell you that all the people in that city now pray to Allah only five times every day and they commend on you in every prayer. O Mohammad, there was something happened and it was too painful to all Muslims. There was a man who drew pictures for you that shows abuse at you. I believe that if he knew you, he would cry from the intensity of what he has done at you. However, all trees are not thrown but the fruitful trees, and you are like the best fruitful tree.
O illiterate prophet that calls for God, you have established the best school ever which is based on piety and obedience to Allah. You changed us from Ignorance and superstition to knowledge and truth, and you led us from the darkness into the light. How were the Arabs before “There is no god but Allah”? They were fighting over the sheep and camel. 360 idols were worshiped other than Allah around Al Kaaba. They were drinking alcohol until they lose their consciousness, and they became like animals reckless at those around them. They were killing their