Metabical Analysis Essay

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Jennifer Kimborowicz
Jeanne Munger
BUS 360
November 17 2014

Metabical: Positioning and Communications
Strategy for a New Weight-Loss Drug

Barbara Printup has many factors to consider with the release of CSP’s newest weight loss drug Metabical, the 3 most important are: 1) optimal segmentation 2) targeting 3) positioning of the drug.
The market for prescription weight loss drugs is open for the taking, if CSP can successfully launch Metabical, their chances for becoming the market leader is almost guaranteed. Metabical has many strengths with few weaknesses, the strengths of the drug include: FDA approval, few negative side effects, low dosages, and it reduces stress on the heart and liver. The weaknesses of the drug consists of the side effect of gastrointestinal discomfort when patient consumes fatty and caloric foods, and the other weakness of this drug would be the fact that it is a new and unheard of drug.

In order for Metabical to roll out successfully CSP would have to market directly to the consumer as well as market to the professional medical community. CSP in order to maximize their DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising the company would use television, online, radio and print media blitz when the drug is first released. To reassure their brand is grabbing consumer attention they would proceed to advertise heavily directly to the consumer through similar methods. In order for CSP to sell their product they would need to advertise to health care providers as well, in order to do this the company would include print ads in leading medical publications in order to raise awareness about the drug and its benefits. Unlike the DTC advertising, the advertising to the health care providers would be pushed for the first three months then advertise more steadily after. The segment that CSP would be aiming for would consider woman who want to be healthier and willing to make a change. This segment includes woman that are between the age of 35-65 with an annual income of $80,000 plus. Targeting these specific woman would be CSP’s best bet on creating a strong brand name because this certain segment of woman would be able to pay for the product out of