Metacognition: Anxiety and Chelsea Essay

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Ten days of observing myself without breaking down and analyzing everything and shifting of my consciousness was eye opening I learned a different side of myself that I was not aware of previously. I was the witness in my life and all that exists and aware of all the living creatures that surround me. I was struggling in this concept at first but the more time past I was witnessing things as though I was born again where everything intrigued my interest and I was curious and wanting to explore the world around me. I let go of all the distractions and ignorance that life has to offer and instead I enjoyed the nature of my surroundings and let go of my obligations and worries. In another sense I felt a sense of enlightenment and all I did was simply stray away from my true nature. This fading of ignorance all happened slowly and can be accomplished by anyone. Thus, it can be accomplished by moving oneself back toward the knowing of realism, which is revealed only when unawareness is gone. One of the most momentous things I have done is learn to observe. That has been so very healing and helpful for me over the past ten days I have encountered a lot of negative things and instead of reacting to them like I usually would have in the past, I learned only to observe them. Thus, I hope my journal entries will inspire others to learn the importance of observing oneself and how it can be really enlightening.
After Chelsea was leaving work on Wednesday September 11th she was stuck in traffic during rush hour. She was frustrated at how slow people were moving and it only made her angrier. Chelsea was starting to lose a grip of herself and her anger, which isn’t unusual for her. She sometimes overreacts to certain situations without thinking twice and this has affect her relationships with friends and family in the past. As she’s sitting there in a fury the traffic starts to move to her delight. After about five minutes of driving she realizes there had been in a horrible accident that caused the traffic. I could see Chelsea feeling ashamed of overacting for sitting in traffic where someone was either extremely injured or even killed from that accident. Chelsea has a short temper but is also kindhearted and she knows she has to work on her temper.
On Thursday September 12th Chelsea was on her way to her 6:30 Yoga class. This is her escape from her daily stresses she enjoys this class a lot because it is the one time she truly frees her mind from other obligations and can relax. During the class she always thinks to herself about positive things. She tells herself she is happy with how things are going for her and the class motivates her to better herself in other aspects. Although she tells herself this and comes up with other goals she never really follows through on them. She still isn’t quite sure the reason for her lack of following through on certain goals she sets for herself. But the clarity she receives from theses classes is enough for her to feel a sense of freedom; freedom not from herself but from the complications that her life sometimes brings about and freedom of feeling like she can accomplish anything if she truly pushes herself and tries.
Friday September 13th Chelsea is feeling nervous and agitated getting ready for work she knows today’s the day she gets to meet her new manager and Nordstrom. She’s been a sales person for two years now and she’s been amazing at what she does however, she can’t stop thinking about how the influence of another coworker almost cost Chelsea her job with her last manager. This brings up repressed feelings she has been harboring every since she has that dreadful meeting with her last manager. She is putting negative thoughts in her head repeating questions such as “what if this manager lets others lies influence her like my last manager?” “could I lose my job over something minuscule?” this was starting to overwhelm Chelsea. She was always putting