Metal Works Project Essay

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The MetalWorks Corporation
A Supply Chain Network Configuration Project
Written By David Simchi-Levi, MIT
1) Office Automation systems: Enron Company has used Office Automation system as it clealy indicates the transaction between B2B( Busines to Business) and B2C( Business to Customer) which includes money transfer, bill generation and sharing of real-time information between its suppliers and customers.

2) Communication Systems: Enron Company certainly uses this mode of Information System as it involves B2B and B2C transactions which requires communication between its suppliers and customers for order fulfilling and delivery of products. The engineers at Enron Company will have to communicate with each other regarding the work concerns and toupdate each other with the current information.

3) Transaction Processing Systems: This Information System is definitely used by Enron Company as it involves the daily monetary and information transactions( sales and purchase) between its suppliers and customers. A lot of transactions are done by the online platform “EnronOnline” with its respective customers. The system makes the real time information sharing real quick and efficient. The information is recorded for forecasting and data analysis.

4) Management Information Systems: This mode of Information system is certainly used by Enron Company as the transactions are web based which involves the use of technology. The information gets recorded and report generation takes place for measuring performance according to the calibrated amount. Thus, Key Performance Indicators are calculated which enables the progress of the company.

5) Decision Support Sytems: The decisions are based on the data recorded and it gets analyzed for making decisions. The real-time cost of the products are calculated and decisions are made on the useful patterns governed from the data. Thus, this mode is majorly used by Enron Company.

6) Enterprise Systems: For transactions to take place an integrated software within the company is imperative which will enable a common database for information sharing. Thus, the transactions can be done efficiently within the different departments of the company. The ambiguity related to information sharing gets reduced by using Enterprise systems.

A2) Technology is the advancement of mankind, as it the application of the principles and concepts which we learn and it helps us making our lives better. It has made our world compact and we can connect with people from all around the world. It has enabled portability and miniaturization in our daily activities. With the advent of mobile technology, we can now connect with the internet, text and send photos and videos to people. Now we can connect with people from any corner of the world. It has a great set of advantages in the corporate world as employees can connect with each other and can update with the future tasks. This will help in the strong communication between the employees and the work will be completed more efficiently. If there is any change in the work schedule, employees can immediately contact each other to communicate with the updated information. This will save a lot of time and money. Earlier this was not possible and many tasks were piled up due to the lack of communication. Even during non work hours( weekends) employees have the liberty to contact each other for work concerns. Thus employees can become proactive and will have the ability to complete the work before the deadline. Thus customers can get their product issues resolved even during weekends. But as a coin has two sides so does technology, the disadvantages are that company employees will have a limited personal life as they can be contacted even during weekends for work concerns. Thus it can hamper the privacy of the workforce. It will also deplete the work performance as employees will be continuously engaged in their work. Thus, this will create a stressed work