Metals: Iron and Metal Essay

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Metal is made up of a chemical element that is made up of single atoms that are lined up in a pattern in a crystal structure (atoms that repeat itself many times to line up in a pattern.) Some metals are called metal ore. Meaning it is a metal mixed with a different mineral or rock, the other part is an element. An element is the “materials” of matter. Metal is useful to man because it can be molded more easily than stone, and it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. There are many kinds of metal, copper, aluminum, iron, and steel. But the two kinds of metal I am going to use for this project is copper and aluminum. Copper is one of the most widely used metal except iron. One of the greatest abilities of copper is that it can form many alloys. Alloy is to combine two metals for it to be annealed. Anneal or annealing means to make it stronger. Aluminum was discovered by Charles Hall, aluminum is also one of the most widely used. Aluminum is known for its strength and lightweight. Metals have two types, non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal. Non- ferrous means that it does not contain iron, and of course, ferrous metals are compound metals that contain iron. A compound metal is two or more elements that is combined together. Two non-ferrous metals are copper and aluminum, and two ferrous metals are iron and steel. Strength is how much weight the material can hold, and toughness is the ability to absorb pressure until it cannot get anymore. Some