Metamorphosis Creation Myth Essays

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Metamorphosis Creation Myth

Pipi the caterpillar is little and unimportant in Zeus' eyes, for he has no purpose on Earth. Zeus has no pity for Pipi because he is the strong and powerful leader of the Olympian gods and doesn't have time to waste on Pipi, who is small and weak. However, Demeter has different feelings about Pipi the caterpillar. She is the goddess of harvest and agriculture and she has a particular sympathy for nature and its creatures. Because of this, she feels that she must do all in her power to help poor Pipi.

She sets about making a plan, cautious not to let Zeus become aware of her intentions because if he does, he will turn his terrifying wrath upon her. She decides to tend to the leaves and plants near the areas around Pipi's habitat, making sure they grow plentifully and healthily so that he will have an abundance of food and all of the nutrition he will need to survive. However she recognizes that this would be a very dull and unhappy life for the caterpillar and that it would do them good to have some change in their lives. In order to fulfill her plan, she asks Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, to help her.

Demeter has decided that once the Pipi has lived through his childhood, the change in his lives must occur so that he will have something to look forward to in his adulthood. So Aphrodite lures Pipi with her charm to a special spot which has strong appeal to him. Then she gives him a bundle of silk in which to make a cozy home in his newfound spot. Pipi stays in his home and sleeps in peace for a while so he can dream about his new life to come. During the time that Pipi sleeps,