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I choose to focus on blue ocean strategy as the topic of my metaphor. The very nature of this topic proved to be very intriguing to me. When I finished reading the article I felt as if Kim and
Mauborgne had just described every business I had ever been fond of and I was reading their secrets to success. What I found most interesting, and why I decided to focus on this topic, is that companies that use these kinds of strategies usually perform better than companies that don’t, yet not all companies embrace it. My natural curiosity forced me to find the answer, and after doing some research I realized the answer was a lot simpler than I would have imagined. Although the article, and I’m sure the book as well, basically draws you a road map, there aren't a lot of business leaders that embrace this kind of thinking. As an ambitious MBA student I saw opportunity written all over this insight. so I began entertaining the idea of being a strategist and to my surprise kindled a whole new interest. When I think of blue ocean strategy, I imagine sailing through uncharted waters. You don’t know exactly where you’ll end up, but you have an idea of where you’re going. The boat would represent the company complete with a vision, ready to explore the ocean which would be symbolic of the market or industry you’re in. The bodies of water can vary in size depending on the industry, but they all have islands spread throughout which would serve as the competition.
As a company, you’re trying to navigate through all the competition to find your own island or if you get really ambitious a completely new body of water. Even the journey you’re on is symbolic of the implementation process of blue ocean strategy because there are so many elements along the way that are unpredictable such as weather patterns, storms, and pirates. Its enough to scare most people out of pursuing such a journey, but that just leaves more space for

the brave few who aren't afraid to navigate through the waters. This metaphor also opens the conversation of trust, and good leadership. The reason I choose sailing as opposed to other forms of boating is because it involves so much teamwork, and with a team you often have a leader or captain. Sailing off into the unknown can be very intimidating and outright scary, but this is where good leadership and