Methanogens: Amish and Modern World Essay

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There are many ideological differences between the two very different cultural groups make relationships between the two groups impossible. In the 1985 film “Witness,” director Peter Weir, strives to demonstrate the clash of the Amish and the Modern world, and how relationships are unattainable because of the difference of cultures. Critical ideological differences, such as the highly pacifist ways of the Amish to the more violent modern world, as well as the contrast of altruism and greed make relationships between the two cultures impossible. Weir explores these differences throughout the film, with Rachel and Book’s difference and there critical differences of culture, values and beliefs of their own world. Weir uses his film to express to the audience about their own culture and the acceptance of others.
In Witness the audience sees a major build in Book and Rachel’s relationship, as well as foreshadowing the eventual failure of the relationship. In the bar scene we see Book and Rachel clearly shown apart and Rachel is shown isolated from the modern world with the clever use of a window. This separation foreshadows how incompatible the Amish are with modern society. When we see Book “whack” a man, Rachel’s outrage is clearly shown. She states “we want no part of your laws,” this clearly shows the ideological differences of the Amish to the modern world. Book initial reaction to the Amish ways is one of mild amusement. It is very easy to see that Book doesn’t