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This survey was conducted by means of a written questionnaire. The goal was to find out the view of suicide in Sheffield’s citizens and the attitude which people think can prevent or reduce the suicide. This questionnaire included 11 questions of different styles from which the most of these questions was sat as a multiple choice answer basis. Numbers of respondents come from different countries were 40, some of their age from 18 to 21. The questionnaire focused on individual attitude question, such as “what do you think is the main cause of suicide” and how to prevent or reduce the suicide. The survey did not limit the target group to a particular group, for example age, gender; this option can help the questionnaire’s data more reality. The survey was beginning in Sheffield Hallam University. In total 40 people were interviewed. Answers from people of all age groups were received. The sample of 40 people’s data was very clear, but this cannot be seen a reliable and general opinion data. Also the survey concluded two open questions; this means that some of results are not impersonal. The reason is different people had different kinds of feeling on one thing. Nevertheless, the data achieved through the survey provides an interesting insight into the view of why people wants to suicide and how prevent or reduce the suicide happened.
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Results and discussion At first, the survey was beginning to find out the main reason which can reflect people to think suicide. The questions 1 to 3 were aimed to discover the basic information from the respondents; the answers were included according to 3 areas – age, gender and nationality. These three basic questions would help other analyze other questions’ result more accurately and effectively. According to these data and combine to question 4 and 5’s data (Fig.1), among the younger respondents, most of them (35%) indicated psychologist problems were the main cause of suicide; in this data there were 7 females and 7 males chose this answer. (20%) of respondents also showed family breakdown or conflicts were the second cause of suicide. And 6 females and 2 males chose that answer. Family breakdown can lead people become chaotic then think some horrible things. The third cause of suicide which respondents considered was drugs (18%). In term of ages, most respondents believed young person (21-40) are the most numerous suicide. Among these data, it can be concluded that main reason for people thinking of suicide is psychologist problems thank by most of people. According to the gender, both male and female were sensitive on psychologist problems.

Secondly, the Fig.2, Fig.3 and Fig.4 display that two genders’ different ideas about the suicide. From Fig.2, we found that majority (63%) considered life is important both female and male, they had never thought to a suicide. But the other group (37%) showed that they ever think to kill themselves. These data results can be seem nowadays people began to attaches great importance to suicide and they have positive and clear values on suicide. (BBC NEWS, 2013)

Different gender has different kinds of thinking on suicide’s reason; on females’ side in Fig.3, they through females would consider the suicide easier than males (9 respondents). Among these data results, the most reasons showed from the answer were female can be become weakness on psychology in a breeze; sometimes pressure in life would let females feel low confidence in society or in home.

On the hand Fig.4 (males’ side), the result was another story which was different from Fig.3, they thank males would think suicide easy. For example, the social stress and family pressure were the main cause influence males’ mode of through. But reasons of suicide had the higher similarity if compared Fig.4 and Fig.3.

This showed reasons which were similar and difference.

Similarity differences Females
Social and family