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Chapter 2 Questions

1. Context teaching means incorporating outside situations into the classroom to help students understand. Applying outside things that will interest learners engages them long enough for them to learn the information. 2. - Grammer-Translation (G-T): earliest method, used teaching Latin/Greek, focuses on translation of printed texts, learning of grammatical rules, and memorization of bilingual word lists. Context doesn’t play a role.
- The Direct Method: Reaction to G-T, emphasizes teaching speaking through visuals, exclusive use of the Target Language, and inductive teaching which involves the subconscious “pick up” of grammar.
- The Audiolingual Method (ALM): emphasis on listening and speaking, teaches oral skills by means of stimulus and response, repetition, dialogue memorization, and manipulation of grammatical pattern drills. Example: repeating after the teacher. 3. TPR: Total Physical Response Method. This method uses activities directed by the learner’s kinesthetic-sensory system like body movements. Commands in the foreign language are heard, and physically responded to. Example: the command “jump”. Was created in hopes that children would acquire vocabulary naturally. 4. The two events that triggered a US federal governmental response towards the importance of learning foreign languages:
- September 11

5. 5 C’s * Communication * Cultures * Connections * Comparisons * Communities 6.