Method of Instruction Essay

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The effectiveness and efficiency of training and instruction will largely depend on the ability of the instructor to teach. All Instructors must expect to have to instruct because soldiering and instructing go hand in hand. They must therefore, know thoroughly, not only their military and professional subjects, skills, techniques but also how to instruct.

The qualities of a good instructor are :CONFIDENCE In his own ability to instruct by having a thorough knowledge of his subject and how to teach it by being an expert performer in any required skill. LEADERSHIP He must have a good man management and know when to encourage and
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ADMINISTRATION - Methods of presentation, aids and conditions of work must all be supported by sound administration.

Many people find it difficult to tell the differences between the aim and the instructional objective. To clear one point up right away, many instructional objectives may need to be achieved before a training objective can be reached. As far as a lesson is concerned the aim of the instructor is to teach something to his students. Nowadays in keeping with modern inter service and educational practice this aim is now stated from the view point of the student; what he is expected to have learnt by the end of the period. As it is impossible for the instructor to know whether the student has assimilated his teaching without some form of test, he now tells him what he will be expected to do at the end of the period, in other words, what the final test will be. This is known as an objective be it instructional or training. The definition of a training objective is as follows :"Training objectives are statements, expressed in terms of human performance, which specify exactly what a student has to do at the end of each stage of training to demonstrate that he has attained the required level of performance." Training objectives have three components :PERFORMANCE - They state what the student has to do.


- They prescribe the conditions under