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Definition of the problem

The problem that this article is focusing on is teen pregnancy. This article gives a good overview on a different approach about how to prevent teen pregnancy. The approach that they want to try is a (EBP) evidence-based program within the schools and the community. Although teen pregnancy has decreased somewhat it is still a problem that needs to be faced. In order to get good results everyone needs to be involved so that the program can work fully. Parents, Churches, faith-based organizations, youth-serving organizations, and clinics are will play a vital role in making sure this program works (Plastino, 2013).
What is the purpose of the study?
The problem is important because “Teen bearing in the United States remains a public issue” (Plastino, 2013). In 2008 $10.9 billion was the cost for local, state and federal taxpayers. Most of the cost was associated with negative repercussion for the children of teen mothers. Other things that were affected include the rise of healthcare cost, increased rate of being jailed, and tax revenue was lost caused by unemployment also affect the children of teen mothers. In addition to all these things children was more likely to be put into foster care (Plastino, 2013).
What is the purpose of the study?
Finding a new way other than just telling teens to say no to sex is the purpose of this study. I also believe the purpose of the study was to inform individuals about teen pregnancy and all the negative aspects that may come along with it. If individuals can see what others are going through than they will be cautious about the choices that they make for themselves.

Research question

A research question is basically the first step the researcher must conduct before starting their research. This step allows the researcher to figure out what he or she wants to know about their topic (Santiago, 2009). The research question was not stated; however after reading the article I created one myself. Can implementing an Evidence-Based program inside of schools and within the community decrease the likelihood of a teen getting pregnant?
Hypothesis or hypotheses

A research hypothesis is a statement that is created by the researcher and it is a speculation of what they believe the outcome will be. This article does not have a hypothesis directly stated but if it were one I believe it would be, the teens that would participate in the program attitude and behavior will change towards sex.

What are the independent and dependent study variables?

An independent and dependent variable are two different types of variables. The independent variable is the variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher. It is the presumed cause of a study. The dependent variable is the response that is measured. It is presumed as the effect of the study (Wuensch, 2004). The independent variable is the individuals who chose to participate in the program. The dependent variable would be the decrease in teen pregnancies.
In what way was a conceptual model or theoretical framework used to guide this study?

The theoretical framework is used in research to give details or to create an outline of what the possible actions may be. The research shows that this program can influence many types of behaviors in