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Rosa Cassall “Training is often used casually to describe almost any effort initiated by an organization to foster learning among its members.”(Snell & Bohlander 2013). In an organization success starts from hard work and the proper training. Depending on the organization there are several types of methods or models that best address the needs of the organization and employees. For instance, at a hotel three methods that would be used to train employees would be orientation, cross training, and on the job training. All of these methods are very important when it comes to training a new employee. Let’s explore these three methods that best fit the workplace at a hotel.
“Orientation is the formal process of familiarizing new employees with organizations, their jobs and their work units.” (Snell & Bohlander 2013). At the Sanderling Resort a hotel located in Duck, NC one of the methods that are used for new hires is Orientation. The human resource department duty is to coordinate orientation activities. For example, at the resort employees may play different types of games that get them acquainted with other new employees. They also have activities to help learn the different policies that new employees must abide by while working at The Sanderling Resort. Even though HR is responsible for providing new employees with info about pay, employment, and other areas but according to Snell & Bohlander “the supervisor has the most important role in the orientation program. New employees are interested primarily in what the supervisor says and does and what their new coworkers are like.”(Snell & Bohlander 2013). Yes indeed it is important for the supervisor to get acquainted with the new hire, but it is HR job to instill the policies. “Training is one of the most pervasive methods for enhancing the productivity of individuals and communicating organizational goals to new personnel.” (Davar & Parti 2013). In an orientation program HR may onboard. “Onboarding is the process of systematically socializing new employees to help them get “on board” with an organization. Onboarding goes beyond just orienting new employees to their new environments.”(Snell & Bohlander 2013). For example, during orientation HR gives new employees an opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone at orientation because in the hotel industry you never know where you may be station to work at. That’s why most hotels and other organizations also use a method called cross training.

Cross Training “Cross training is becoming increasingly important to firms in order to scope with more stringent performance requirements they are faced with in today’s market.” (Bokhorst 2011). To some they may think that cross training between employees is not a good idea. But what cross training does according to Snell and Bohlander “As older workers near retirement, younger workers must be trained to develop the skills and knowledge needed to take their place. The availability of potential replacements and the time required to train them are two factors that must be considered in organization analysis.”(Snell & Bohlander 2013). For example, at a hotel during peak season majority of the new hires are trained by employees that have been working with the Sanderling for years. “Cross training effectively pools multiple demand streams improving service levels and when demand streams are negatively correlated, boosting productivity.”(Easton 2011). “Organizations are failing to make connections between their organizations goals and training. They are more focus on what other companies are doing.”(Snell & Bohlander 2013). With cross training new hires are able to get that one on one training by an employee who knows a lot about the organization. “Training programs are often misdirected poorly designed, inadequately evaluated.” (Snell & Bohlander 2013). Implementation has a method that is design to better help training programs. This…