Methods: Childhood and Strategy Essay

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Method/ strategy to support children when forming relationships
Benefits of method strategy used
There is one little boy in my placement that finds it very hard to leave his mum when she leaves him in. He would begin to cry and become very distressed. The method that I used with this child was going over to him and talking and comforting whilst distracting him so his mum could leave and to calm him down.
I used this strategy in this situation as it is the best way to overcome this situation is comforting the child so that they feel more comfortable in the nursery setting. This is good as it helps the child become distracted from his mother which means the mother can leave the classroom. I took the little boy over to the paint and asked him to paint a picture for his mum while he was doing this he forgot about her and she was able to leave without him noticing and becoming upset again, once the little boy had finished painting he moved on to play with something else and settled in fine that day.
In my placement there is one girl who does not like sharing her toys with one other child and would always scream if the child went near the toys she was playing with. The strategy I used to overcome this was talking to the girl about how she has to share and how the two little girls could be friends if they were nice to each other.
I thought this was the best strategy as the little girl did begin to share with the other girl and started to get on with the little girl and was able to play with her all the time instead of screaming when she came close to her. I explained to the little girl how this was not nice what she was doing and asked her if the other children did it to her and she didn’t have any toys to play with would she like it and she replied no, so I told her that she can’t be doing it to the little girl or anyone else in the class as it would make them upset.
In my placement there is one little girl who is from a foreign country