Methods Of Modifying Behavior In Children Essay

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Methods of Modifying Behavior in Children
Roger G. Schoen
January 19, 2015
Lisa Schultz
Methods of Modifying Behavior in Children

There is a person who is outstanding figure in every generation, society. One that will go above and beyond for any reason without question, and for what every reason this person reacts it may be because of his environment and ethics.
A child is not ready or has the knowledge and lacks the skills to be part of any social group. His reactions at best are crude and limited, if the child fails it may result in the child not caring about social exchanges. The child learns from trial and error, and with guidance from their parents and teachers they may be able to build the skills necessary to
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(1970) The control group consisted of twenty three boys roughly the same age and from the same environment. They were in the clinic twice a week for 1 hour for 6 weeks doing physical activities in the gym and pool. The clinicians were design the activities toward the best needs of the child. The child was tested at the start and finish of a 6 week period.
The test was designed with 10 switches attached to a battery with lights. The children were instructed to flip a switch and how many time they could flip a non-connected switch. They were allowed to practice this twice with the buzzer/lights randomly connected, before the test started. On the actual test the buzzer were not connected to any of the switches. The children had no knowledge of this, and were instructed that for every good switch flipped they would receive candy. They could play this as much as they wanted, but for every bad flip that they would lose their prize. A score of 5 would indicate an optimal risk taker were as a score of 6 or more would indicate a high risk taker, and a score of 4 or less was a low risk taker.
“Two major conclusions are evident in this data. 1)