Meursault In The Stranger

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What causes a person to take the actions that they do in their life? People can do many unexpected things in different situations. Often times a person tends to act before they think and regret their decision in the future. The response someone has in this type of situation might not be characteristic of their personality or identity. The main character in The Stranger did not seem like a likely person so conduct a murder, but in fact he did. The main character, Meursault, is lead to murder the Arab because he is not self-aware of his actions. Through his daily life, Meursault is detached from his surroundings and is removed from his daily relationships, causing him to be removed from the society he lives in. He is in a relationship with a woman named Marie and mentions,
“That evening Marie came and asked me if I’d marry her. I said I didn’t mind; if she was keen
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Although he seems attracted to Marie, he is removed from any interactions that they have together, only agreeing with other people because he simply has nothing against doing what they suggest. When his neighbor Raymond asks if he will go to dinner, he says that he will go because he has no reason not to, and will not have to cook dinner. Meursault does not think about normal functions, such as eating to fulfill his life, and decides to make dinner whenever he is hungry, fulfilling his life as the needs present themselves. The topic of free will is discussed, saying,
"Though the possession of a free will is taken for granted by most people, the presentation of its "freeness" in The Stranger is rather unsettling. Meursault consistently expresses his awareness of his own will as free. In some instances, this might be interpreted as indifference, but Meursault is decidedly, perhaps starkly, free. He does not feel the temptation to encumber his reasoning with considerations or dogmas”