The War Between Mexico And The United States

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Jose Irarragorri
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The war between Mexico and the United States started with the conflict over who would control Texas. American colonizers began moving into the Texas territory in the 19th Century, after the Revolutionary War had been won and the exploration of west lands in the Appalachian Mountains commenced. (Staff)The Louisiana Purchased was able to stretch the western borders of the United States beyond the point they had ever been. After the victory of Lewis and Clark, more and more Americans started to explore and settled in the Louisiana Territory. Right next to Louisiana was Texas, which was a mainly part of Mexico. It was a vast land, rich with resources and possibilities. (Staff) As more Americans moved into Texas territory, the necessity for Texas to be part of U.S. land grew. It all unfolded in 1835, when Texas declared itself independent from Mexico and the Texas Republic was born. Its first president was Sam Houston and the secretary of state was Steven Austin who had been a pioneer in helping colonize the Texas territory (Vandecreek). Mexico was not at all pleased about this, and they let the Americans know. Furious words were exchanged for a period of time. Mexico soon tired of words according to Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and action was taken. The first major action was at the Alamo, a San Antonio-area fort controlled by Americans but beloved by Mexicans. A total of 189 protectors, including such recognized Americans as Jim Bowie and David Crockett gave their lives to defend the Alamo. Despite of their efforts, in 1836 the fort was invaded then controlled by Mexico (Lee). In that same year, Mexican General Santa Anna ordered the murder of 342 American prisoners at Goliad after the Battle of Coleto Creek (Vandecreek). The massacres at the Alamo and Goliad irritated many in America and in Mexico. American soldiers responded by fighting back and the result was the Battle of San Jacinto in which a force of numerous Americans defeated a much larger Mexican force. Half of the Mexican soldiers were killed, and most of the rest were taken (Staff). The result was an American-controlled Texas, for the most part. Notwithstanding