Mexican American War

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This report is based off an article written by Ronald Takaki. This articles narrates how the Mexicans were made strangers in their own land, and how eventually their land were taken from them also. This events happened in the early 1820’s through late 1890’s, where it started with the secularization of the missions and the lands were granted to a few hundreds Mexican families, then illegal American immigration to Mexican territory and finalizing with American taking control over the land which was half of Mexican territory.
Native California citizens called themselves Californios
In 1830, the Mexican government outlawed the institution of slavery and prohibited further immigration into Texas.
By 1835, there were some twenty thousand Americans in Texas, greatly outnumbering the four thousand Mexicans.
War came in 1836 when some Americans in Texas began an insurrection against Mexican authority. Rebels used a mission in the center of San Antonio as a fort. Barricading themselves in the Alamo, 175 Texas rebels initiated hostilities in a struggle for what would be called the lone star republic.
Houston forced Santa Anna to cede Texas. Houston declared Texas an independent republic and was subsequently elected its president.
In 1845, the United States annexed the Lone Star Republic and Mexico broke off diplomatic relations.
In California, the war began in the small town of Sonoma. On June 6, 1846 General Mariano Vallejo was taken prisoner by a group of Americans and freed two months later.
By the 1840’s, more Yankees were entering illegally to Alta California, they thought that: “God made the world and them also, therefore what there is in the world belongs to them as sons of God”.
Shortly after the rebels arrested General Vallejo and