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My Community Essay

My name is David Nieblas I’m 19 years old and I live in Heber, CA. If I was to describe myself I would consider myself to be an ambitious person. That being said I live with my father, sister, nephew, and cousin. My mother sadly passed away from cancer and I was only 10 years old when it occurred. Here in Heber, CA we now have a place where we are to reside for a while and aren’t planning to move any time soon we are settle in. To me the idea of a community is basically a group of people and when it comes to a place or space I think of school, the neighborhood, or just any other social place. I come from a Hispanic/Latino family my mother was born in Mexicali, MX and father was born in Brawley, CA. My community is composed of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and my family and most of my neighborhood is mostly composed of Hispanic/Latino just like most of the population here in the valley. To me the significance of a community is to come together whenever someone or an entire group or population needs not necessarily help but just overall anything in any matter.
Those involved in my community are mostly and most importantly my family and friends. When coming together I know I am able to count on them and vice versa. This sort of community comes together mostly in special gatherings such as family parties, special holidays and sadly when a catastrophic event such the death of a close one. Though not always those my community necessarily happen to be gather in big groups at some given point I might be involved by meeting with a couple of friends to go watch a movie for example, but still that to me is coming together into doing something with my community. Also, it might be the case that I may be visiting my brother or sister in Mexicali, BC and I bring along my other sibling and nephew, when those sort of unexpected family gatherings occur even though it is just a few of us I still believe I am some way in my community circle.
Within my community I consider to be another person in the group, but I do have a special “spot” in that group just like any other person in it. For example, my sister is the “family helper” she is always around no matter what her schedule might be she is available to give a hand. I consider myself to be also helpful at home and around my neighborhood. For example, within my family community I am responsible of certain shores around the house and if I were to not do those shores that I am responsible for I would somehow disturb how the house functions. Therefore, I feel that it is my responsibility to comply and assume what my shores are so that no dysfunction happens around the house. I can also use school as a community as another example, if I were to become careless about school I feel I be not only hurting myself for not assuming and complying with my responsibilities as a student but also would feel as if I had been wasting not only an instructor’s time but a whole faculty overall.
I believe I am perceived by others in my community as a responsible human being. Of course, there is been