Mexican and French Revolution Essay

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Mexico had started to worry about how the United States started having a big interest in Texas. This was when Mexico’s leaders had sent General Don Manuel de Mier y Teran to explore Texas. Mexico had not wanted Texas to become a state. Then that was Mexico’s wish, Texas had wanted their civilians to rule, but Mexico want to control Texas. The main goal that Mexico had was to make Texas more Mexican. When Teran was in Texas he came to discover that the more north he traveled in Texas the less and less it looked Mexican. Teran knew that he had to do something now or Mexico would lose Texas forever. He had tried sending Mexican troops to Texas to collect taxes from the settlers, and another one of their tasks that he sent them to do was to stop the immigration from the U.S. As soon as Mexico’s military started to take control Texas settlers had started to believe that they had the right to stand up to the Mexican leaders, cause they had enough. Texas had started to feel like Mexico wasn’t following their own rules, which had a lot of Texans angry. Mexico wouldn’t give in to the Texas settlers, so it was just a big fight waiting to happen. The Mexican congress passed a law to stop people from the U.S coming to Texas, because Mexico didn’t want any more settlers to have to deal with. It was called the Law of April 6, 1830. Which had also made Texas a part of the Mexican state named “Coahuila y Tejas”. So if Texas wants all those things it needs