Mexican Border Notes Essay

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* Increased regulation of borders by fences, patrol, and helicopters.

* “Humane borders” leave water jugs spread across the desert for those who are trying to migrate across the border
People die trying to cross the desert without water

141 miles of border to be crossed

People cross the border because they can’t find work in Mexico, have no food to feed children and no money to support family

When NAFTA was signed, the border became militarized

Immigrants leave trash on ranches, which cattle will eat and sometimes die from

Though people believe that the water stations give migrants more inspiration to cross the border, they will come whether or not there is water

Many guides start out with 20 individuals, but end with only 15, losing 5 during the journey
If the guide abandons them, they will not find any water holes anf will more than likely die.
If migrants can’t keep up with the group, the guide will leave them to die

Why is it beneficial to turn themselves into the border patrol if lost? * * Civil Homeland defense: volunteer group of citizens that try to catch migrants trying to cross the border and send them back, they try to assist border patrol * * National Guard is not present on the Arizona/ Mexican border because most is aver in Iraq. * * People don’t want Mexicans coming over because they are running away form poverty and have America to turn into what they are running away from * * People are worried about American neighborhoods being taken over * * People are upset that there are Americans that do not qualify for welfare but illegal immigrants are able to receive it * * Throughout American history there has always been a fear of the next group of immigrants to come across the country
Chinese--- needed to build railroads
Irish—were afraid that the catholic irish would make the pope the ruler of American against the American protestants
Now it’s the Mexicans