Mexican Culture

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Cultural Changes During and After the Spanish Invasion
At one point or another we follow a set of customs that turns to be one’s culture.
Culture is defined as all aspect of human adaptation, including technology, traditions, language, religion, marriage patterns and social roles. Biology has nothing to do with culture since it is a set of learned behaviors. These set of traditions are pass from one generation to another. All cultures are entitle to change, it can change because one is forced to work with different kind of people who follow different cultures, contact between societies, and/ or changes in the natural environment. The European invasion to the Caribbean caused a great distress/ change in culture as well as the environment
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Culture can be learn as well as imposed. One of the forced changes one can see by reading in Indian culture was Christianity. Spaniards always thought that Indigenous were creatures in desperate need of salvation, they wanted Indians to follow their religion. Spanish society was a rooted believer of the Catholic religion and because they thought this was the only way of salvation, Spaniard looked for many sources to try to eliminate the worship of other gods among Indians. The people in charge of bringing religion to the Indians in a “peaceful” way were the Franciscan. The Franciscan were a group of Spaniards that were known for their humility, service, gentle leadership, and patience; however they usually forgot gentleness after hearing elicit confessions about idolatry from the Indians and used to torture them, this caused the Franciscan to become a sign of terror. Franciscans obligated the Indians to attend weekly catechism and Indians were mandated to baptize. One character who help bring order and normal routines to the Indians villages was called Tomas Lopez Mendel. Lopez Mendel was a member of the Guatemala audiencia, he used to serve as an interpreter between …show more content…
They never stop idolizing and worshiping their gods. This was a constant battle between both populations. Throughout the Spanish conquest we don’t see much of a change from the
Europeans in terms of culture. This lack of cultural change from the Spanish side had to do with them thinking they were “perfect” and had nothing to change. The Spanish thought that the only ones in need of a desperate change were the Maya because of their wild ways of living life. One of the few changes one can see is that some Spanish started to learn the Maya language. Also, some Mayan women with sufficient rank used to married Spaniard and their children were able to learn Mayan before any other language. With this new mixture of cultures some were able to learn to follow customs and eat food that both parties used to consume. It is mention that Spaniards were liking some of the Indians food such as, cassava. However in my opinion, at the end of the day once we live and share some many moments with the same people one learn to behave and react to the same things. The Spanish conquest is not all clear about who followed who or what customs were really follow at the end, but it might be a mixture of both cultures, Mayans ad