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Mexican Immigration Have you ever thought about any different culture other than the culture you belong to? Culture change from person to person and it gives you unique identity which make you differ from others. Culture can be based on environment and region where you live and the religious believes. I was very curious to know about Mexican culture and particularly why many Mexican people are migrated to the United States of America? What was effect on their family and children after they migrated to United States? What do you think, is it easy for any person to migrate from his country to other country? Absolutely it is not. Mexican people are travel to United States because of good economically earning opportunity. They think about to give their family better life and migrated to United States. Some are migrated with their families and live in United States while others are migrated but their family or child live in Mexico. If parents migrated, their absence would affect on the child’s physical, psychological and emotional health. This lack of social relationship links to the child’s health. (KATHARINE M. DONATO, 2011) Children who live without their parents and guidance have very hard life to face problems and solve wisely. In last ten years, there are many Mexicans who travel illegally to United States and live here. Due to their illegal presence, they are separated from their family. But when they caught illegally stayed in United States, they are deported back to their country. This makes the negative impact on their child and might be they disconnect to their community socially. Now, it is very difficult situation for their child to readjust in new environment and which make effect on their education as well as health compare to the nonimmigrant child. (KATHARINE M. DONATO, 2011) Different generation of Mexican American people think differently. Young generation of Mexican American thinks that due to high influence of American culture, their multiple generations have been United States. (Jiménez, Winter 2008/2009 ) Better opportunity and education influence not only Mexican but all