Essay about mexican war on drugs

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Hugo Escobedo
Mr. López
ESLW 0202
April 17, 2014
The Mexican War on Drugs Mexican’s political don’t want see the consequences of war in Mexico, causing great power on cartels and many innocent deaths. The prevalence of drugs and violence in Mexico due to the drug cartels, which have been present in Mexico since the eighties. However, the posters have changed over the years because of changes in power and leadership and government intervention. Instead of the current war, the Mexican government should design more supports and attention to public security, because too many people are dying. What are the reasons the problem is so bad in Mexico? I think the climate in Mexico, as in other countries in Latin America, is ideal for growing drugs. I want to know if the majority of drugs that are distributed in Mexico are grown in Mexico too, or if drugs are imported from other countries. Another important issue for me is government action against the distribution of drugs and the problems associated with drugs, what the government and the police do to combat the problem? Recently there has been a lot of articles in U.S. newspapers on the drug war in Mexico. The articles describe the violent actions of drug gangs as beheadings and mass graves. These acts of violence are barbarians and that is why frequently appear in American newspapers. But violence is only one of the consequences of the drug problem in Mexico. Specialist believe that the legalization of the marijuana can help to make a great advance for remove the big cartels. The legalization of drugs in the broad sense of the word, that is to say legalize consumption, distribution and production, is the most solid and durable to end the current war on drugs alternative. However, as this action is politically unfeasible because it requires the support of the U.S. government and the various governments within the country, specialists in the field proposed move for a middle way: gradually legalize the consumption and distribution of the main drugs consuming and trafficking in Mexico to drastically reduce the financial flow of drug traffickers. The objective is to act in three steps: first legalizing some