Mexican War Position Paper

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Mexican War Position Paper
In 1846 the US was at war with Mexico over Texas. Texas won their independence in 1836, and wanted to become part of the US, but because of slavery issues it was an independent nation from 1836-1844. The British became interested in Texas and the US feared that Texas would become allies with the British. In 1845 the Joint Resolution of Congress to admit Texas to the Union was passed and signed by the president (James K. Polk), giving permission for Texas to be annexed. Mexico did not want Texas to be annexed to the US, but be part of Mexico which started the argument. Based on the evidence given, Mexico is at fault for starting the war because they were not being negotiable, they were negotiating with Britain, and they attacked the US first.
According to Abel Upshur Mexico and the US’s relationship has always been “rough” and “stormy”. In 1836 the president of Mexico signed a treaty stating that he would stop all hostility in Texas and move his troops south of the Rio Grande. But, when President Santa Anna came back he did not follow the negotiations, and disavowed them. Texas has always been a fought over territory as well. Many people were against Mexico for this, and many americans wanted Texas to be annexed. Also according to James Buchanan the US had offered many deals and negotiations to try and figure out how Texas was going to be separated and even offer 20 million for it. Buchanan also explained how Mexico cannot blame the US for the war or the dispute because they were the ones who were resisting to meet with the US’s envoy that could of stopped the dispute.The mexicans were not settling for any negotiations, they did not agree.
According to the private secretary of Andrew Jackson, Mexico was also negotiating with the British for California and the British were also interested in Texas. Now there are British fleets off the coast of California. There were rumors that the British would cancel the Mexicans debt and then they would get the territory. The US did not like this because if the British did take control over the West side then it would stop the growth of the nation. In order to stop the British and Mexican negotiations, the US needed to act immediately and send troops to California if war was to come. The US also sent down troops to negotiate peacefully but the mexicans did not like that. If Mexico did not try and negotiate with the British the US wouldn’t be more angered and have to try and send troops down.
Also the mexicans thought that they had more of Texas than the US, while