Essay on Mexico and El Rebozo

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For my interview I decided to interview my aunt, Esther Jimenez. This is a woman that started off with a preeminent scratch that is barely worth a living. There is so much to say about my aunt. A fact that I really want to emphasize and point out is that she is a single mother sustaining two children, one of eighteen years old, and the other of twenty-one years old. The American perspective on how single mother succeed is at a crying halt due to the fact that it’s so hard for a woman to get a high paying job; let alone also adding the role of being single. Then when you get to the point that she has to maintain two children all the hope you had narrows and it becomes more of a miracle to succeed. My aunt defies all the primitive ideas that most Americans would have on single mother succeeding. She started her business from scratch naming the company “El Rebozo”. It’s a company that buys and distributes Mexican hand-made garments and other pieces of art. It’s a beautiful job because it also gives light to hundreds of Mexican artist that have a really incredible talent for creating creative arts or clothing that many are blinded to see due to the fact that these artist don’t take it upon themselves to show off there talent to the world; you could say they are too humble. My aunt’s childhood is a tough one, one that touches my heart every time it is brought up. She was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, a southern state from Mexico. During her childhood she faced multiple troubles that really made her mature at such a young age. At the age of eleven she had to start working to help sustain her younger sisters and brothers because she was a family of two boys and three girls. Her mother was financially unstable when she was thirteen years old so she was forced to move to Mexico City on her own where she would stay with her aunt. As a thirteen year old I can only imagine how scared she was about the whole serious of unfortunate events that were forced upon her. When she moved to Mexico she started working and started attending a prestigious university by the name of; UNAM (Universidad National Atonoma de Mexico). She studied business but she didn’t finish her career because she knew what she needed to do to start a business so she took it upon herself to start the business at the age of twenty-three. By this age she was already living in the United States. From that point her job slowly started picking up and now she is able to maintain her two children very properly, once again a very aspiring, inspirational woman that started everything from scratch without the help of anyone. “El Rebozo” distributes to a numerous amount of stores all over the United States. It has expended to the point where she distributes to 8 different states,…