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Although two countries may be stitched together by a simple river, the differences and commonalities will amaze spectators that critique a country from a criminal justice system point of view. Both countries differentiate in numerous important ways that make a difference for citizens when making an unlawful act. It does not take much research to make a notion that the citizens of the United States live their lives freely without the constant threat to their safety. While the citizens of Mexico, are in constant scrutiny in result of their countries faulty criminal justice system. To better understand the complexities of the laws that regulates a countries criminal justice structure. One must first understand the development of the laws and from where the laws that are mandated where originated. Mexico's legal system practicalities have an ancient origin, along with Greek, Roman, and French legal systems. It is known that Mexico practices a civil law system, it is obtained from Roman laws called Corpus Juris Civilis, which is a list of codes and statutes that came from the emperor Justinian, while the law system of the United States was generated reflecting England and the early American colonies prior to the American Revolution. This came to be known in the United States as the common law. As you can tell by the name, occupying the use of case law uses the traditions of common laws. The greatest variation between the United States and Mexico falls back to their profound origins, as well as the amendment of the laws that were made for the interest of the people as time went on. Both Mexico and the United States have their own doctrine that reserves and protects the people's individual rights. The Writ of Amparo entitles the citizens of Mexico to protection of their constitutional rights. The Writ of Amparo is usually approved by the supreme courts, and there are two purposes that the Amparo serves. Those purposes are to ensure the citizens basic rights and to enforce that no local or state entity violates the rights of the people that is entitled to them by the Writ of Amparo. The United States have a doctrine that has been amended over time, this piece of history is called the Constitution. However within the constitution there are ten amendments listed that gives the citizens unalienable rights, these are known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a safe haven for the citizens of the United States of America and ensures individual liberty. Along with giving the people undeniable right, the bill of rights also regulate the government's involvement in the law making process, and giving a say of what gets done to the state and people. Courts is where justice ultimately gets served, making it vital to have a functional court system to deliver true punishment to criminals. When looking at Mexico's courts, close attention has to be paid due to the fact that there are many courts that fall under ordinary jurisdiction. This type of court includes criminal jurisdiction, civil jurisdiction and commercial jurisdiction. Federal courts and state courts also fall under the ordinary jurisdiction. States courts are arranged as the highest to lowest: appellate court, Courts of First Instance and the lower courts are of lower jurisdiction. The United States courts correlate as a hierarchy system of state and federal courts. The federal courts make up the judicial branch of the United States of America. The Federal courts must adhere to the United States Constitution. While state courts run under jurisdiction of the respected state the court is in. The United States courts are ranked from highest to lowest: supreme federal court, circuit courts of appeals, district courts