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Vicente Fox Quesada, the current president of Mexico, ended the 71 year rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Mexico when he was elected president on December 1, 2000. Fox belongs to the National Action Party that represents the democratic power in Mexico. His drive and passion has drastically improved the nation's economy.

Fox was born in Mexico City on July 2, 1942. He grew up on the San Cristobal Ranch with his nine siblings in the state of Guanajuato. Fox credits his childhood background for teaching him to "see close up one of the evils that unnecessarily allifted our country, poverty." Despite any drawbacks he faced, Fox studied business administration at the Libero-American University. He successfully worked for Coca-Cola de Mexico but decided to quit to participate in politics in Guanajuato.

Fox participated in organizations that improved the community and provided opportunities for the people. He founded the Board of Patrons of the Amigo Daniel Orphanage from which he himself has adopted four children. Fox also served as a board member of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and as a director of the Grupo Fox companies that opened employment opportunities in the farming and agriculture business for the people.

His first elected position was for the Federal Deputy for the 3rd District of Leon, Guanajuato in 1988. He then ran for governor in the state of Guanajuato in 1991. Guanajuato became the 5th largest economy in Mexico due to the way Fox and his administration budgeted the state finances and his personal assests. Fox was chosen by the Alliance for Change to run for the presidency of Mexico in 2000. During this time, Fox was controversial because of his bachelor status and affliation for the National Action Party. The political parties in office, especially the Revolutionary Party, were strongly against a new political party. Fox helped to establish his reputation by writing an autobiography to educate the people about his poltical beliefs and future plans for Mexico. He also had already established a reputation for being an honest, hard working and respectful businessman.

Fox won the election and promised in his inaugural address to "work passionately for those who made Mexico what it is, for those who built the Mexico we have today, and for those who dreamt of a different, successful, and triumphant Mexico." Since in office, the world is watching Mexico evolve from an authoritarian system to a new system of peace and prosperity. Although Fox is still struggling to rid the nation of crime and poverty, he has big plans to ensure a better future for Mexico.
Vicente Fox Quezada as a Leader

In the following paper we are going to look at former President of Mexico as the leader he was or at least was suppose to be for all Mexicans and also in the business field, We will also make an analysis about the book “Fox a los Pinos” and relate this with a link the explain the leadership.

First, the book of “Vicente Fox a los Pinos” is more like a geography of former President Vicente Fox, that explains where he comes from, that his father was a son of a Irish immigrant but born in Mexico and his mother was born in Spain but her mother was Mexican, that he was born in Mexico along with his brothers and sisters, also explains that Fox was a field man which means that he lived in a ranch call “San Cristobal” that belongs to his family, this book tells you the school he assisted for elementary and high school was a Jesuit that means it was run by religion believes, also tell you that he went to college and graduate, he start to work in Coca-Cola in a very young age and became this company general manager for Mexico before he even think about politics, then after that when he was well positioned as a business man, he was ask to join a group of politicians in which Manuel J. Clouthier was the leader and soon he became a figure for Fox, this politician group belong to “Partido Accion Nacional” which was