Mexico Independence day Essay

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Examenito De Español
El Día De Independencía Mexico is the 4th largest country in the Western Hemisphere.
How many seasons does Mexico have? Name them.
Mexico has 2 seasons, it has a dry season that is between the months of October and April. It also has a rainy season that is between the months of May to September.
The people of Mexico are a blend of what 2 bloods?
They are a blend of Native and Spanish blood
What is the major religion in Mexico?
The major religion in Mexico is Catholic
Write a brief summary of what led the people of Mexico to decide to go for its independence.
They wanted freedom of speech, a representative government, and restrictions on the power of the Catholic Church. They thought the only way to get this was to gain independence from Spain.
Who influenced Mexico to revolt against Spain?
America and France
Name the priest that was one of the main people involved in Mexico’s fight for independence.
Father Miguel Hidalgo
What was the name of the speech that was given to the congregation?
El grito de Dolores
Name the 3 groups of people that fought together for Mexico’s independence.
Crillos, Mestizos, and Indians
What eventually happened to the priest that led the revolt?
He was captured and executed
How long did Mexico fight to finally gain their independence?
They fought for 11 years
Name 3 things that can take place during a fiesta.
Parades, dancing, and fireworks
When does the celebration start?
The celebration…