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Doing Business in …… (Mexico)

Power Distance
Uncertainty Avoidance
Individualism/ Collectivism
Masculinity/ Femininity
Time Orientation

Mexico has a high power distance level. As a consequence, managers are reluctant to delegate important task to their subordinates. Therefore, management by objective, popular in the United States, is not popular in Mexico. (What about Mexico?, 2012)
Mexico ranks high in uncertainty avoidance with an UAI of 82. To best motivate employees, job security is a must (What about Mexico?, 2012).
Hofstede ranks Mexico as being low in individualism. Therefore, Mexico is collectivist in their approach (What about Mexico?, 2012).However, participation should be used cautiously in job design( Luthans, 2012).
Mexico is ranked 6th in Hofstede’s Masculinity index. Its high level of masculinity supports that senior level management should receive higher salaries.(What about Mexico?, 2012)
According to Edward Hall, Latin American countries in general are polychronic in their approach to time. This means that they are flexible when it comes to their time (Wardrope, 2012). However, according to Hofstede’s UAI, Mexicans are high in their avoidance to risk, and, as a result, they approach “time as money”. This is why they are known for punctuality and precision (What about Mexico? 2012).
Universalism/ Particularism
Neutral/ Emotional

Individualism/ Communitarianism
Achievement/ Ascription
Specific/ Diffuse

Mexico is a moderately particularism culture (Luthan, 2012). As a result, it is important to understand that business can move slowly in Mexico. This is particularly because Mexicans like to build personal relationships before moving on to doing business (Luthan, 2012).
Mexico has a high emotional culture. To succeed in business individuals should respond warmly to Mexican’s emotional affections (Luthans, 2012).
Mexico is collectivist in Hofstede’s research but individualistic in Trompenaars(Luthans, 2012). When negotiating with Mexican corporations, you should “be prepared to make quick decisions and commit[your] organization to these decisions”(Luthan,2012).
Mexico is high a high achievement oriented culture. When doing business in Mexico, it is important for individuals to bring a group of people that are knowledge based workers. These individuals should be proficient in their area of expertise (Luthan, 2012).
Mexico is a moderately diffuse oriented culture. Professional business types in Mexico should be addressed by not only their first name but also by their maternal and paternal name (see formality). Unless told to, never address a Mexican in a personal manner. You should always remain formal in your approach (Cortines, 2012).
How do you think the country would prioritize these in a performance review?...and WHY

Mexico as a country has been pioneers in labor laws. In its success for equality in workers’ rights, Mexico has implemented such concepts as full pay for employees 365 days a year (Luthan, 2012). Thus, it is important to recognize that a value that Mexico prioritizes is the ability for leaders to take a broad view from the top recognizing others rights, needs, and wants. Helicopter is prioritized fourth in our approach, because although they create laws to aid workers in equality, they do not enforce them sufficiently.
Safety is logic, and analysis is the ability to evaluate situations logically (Luthan, 2012).Since Mexico is high on risk avoidance and prioritizes job security so forcefully, analysis seems right up their alley. This is why we would choose analysis as Mexico’s third highest priority.
Imagination can be defined as the ability to think outside the box,“…’If you’re going to grow in …business, you have to think outside of the box, and thinking outside the box sometimes means managing risk’…”(Gonzalez, 2012). Mexico is