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Kritesh Parekh
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The Americans shouldn’t intervene Syria

It is hard on some countries that are in war with USA as USA has their best military. There can be many conflicts if we intervene Syria. Even if Syria attacks back on USA, Syrians might have some major power that they try to attack one of the best military forces in the world. USA should intervene Syria because USA might create a stronger American policy, bulwark against the extremist groups and improve relationship with other countries.

The first reason is that if USA intervenes Syria, US might have a more muscular American policy that could keep the conflict from spreading all over the world and especially with Syria. Syria’s civil war has already made things worse with the sectarian angry and conflicts in Lebanon and Iraq. The Turkish government has also accused Mr. Assad of supporting Kurdish militants in order to inflame tensions between the Kurdish people as well as the Turkish people. So if USA intervenes Syria, USA will create conflicts with Syria and other countries that are against Syria, which could be helpful for the world, and Syria will go down quickly.

The second reason is that if USA attacks Syria, it will be helpful to find all the different extremist groups that are hiding underground and have been a huge threat to the world. USA was successful in finding Osama Bin Laden, in the same way they could find Al Qaeda that have been underground for years and are seeking safe havens in ungoverned corners of Syria. So if USA intervenes Syria by training and equipping reliable partners with Syria’s internal opposition, US could find the extremist groups and create a defense wall against those groups.

The third reason is that American leadership in Syria could improve relationships with the allies like Turkey and Qatar. It might be helpful for the US to improve those relationships so that they won’t attack on USA while they are intervening in Syria. The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his Qatari counterpart have offered the US only nonlethal support against the Syrian intervention. Also establishing the no fly zone and the safe zones in the Syrian territory. Already before going to war against Syria other countries have started favoring USA and want to help the US so that they can put Syria down and improve their relationships with USA.

On the other side, Doran and Boot remember the horrors inflicted on the Syrians by Assad’s agents. They both remind