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Currently Dirt Bikes only has basic database (Name, Id, Address, Phone, Product Purchased …) of their distributors. However, they receive end customer database from Distributors after they make sales from time to time (periodically).

But now Dirt Bikes want to create end customer database and leverage the same to understand it’s customer and then plan marketing events on top of it.

Below are few suggestions how new database table could be designed so a broader amount of information could be captured and used.

Table 1

Customer Name Customer ID Email Address

Age Gender Item Purchased Purchase Date

Highest Education
Hobby /Interest

Table 2
Customer Name Customer ID Model Purchased

Dealer Name
Bike color Number of Bikes

Non Dirt Bike Model
Racing Event

Ans 2

Reports that could be obtained from above Table 1:

1. Which is the highest selling bike model with girls
2. Which is the highest selling model with boys
3. At what age girls buy the bike
4. At what age boys buy the bike
5. What is the average education level of customers
6. Repeat customers (if any)

Reports that could be obtained from above Table 2:

1. Customers who are buying other bike models
2. Customers who have more than 1 bikes
3. Customers who attend racing events
Now, Dirt bikes can use this data for hosting & sponsoring events. The database is now set up to help Dirt Bikes learn more about their customers e.g. ages of