Mg210 Wk9 Final Project Essay

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Best Practices To Contribute

By: Jennie Ortega
January 24, 2010
Professor Richard Allen

This “Best Practices” manual is placed, with expectations of supporting supervisors for an easier change into the company. Using these best practices is and will be great significances to become successful leaders. In addition, our employees will be given support in supplying feedback related to best practices already in use. The principle of our company, funding authorized, is to admit for staff training. Not only are officers advised to occupy “best practices”, we will in addition provide training to all other staff members. Best practices have shown higher morals and also have shown a greater productivity from all of those whom were involved. We will begin with effective orientation and training methods. Our main goal of orientation and training is to have employees who have been properly trained. This will result in fewer turnovers, higher productivity and possibly profitability. This 3-day orientation and training program will be included and be most helpful when training a new employee. In this manual you will find two best practices for the following six supervisory responsibilities: Demonstrating Communication Skills, Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods, Improving the Productivity for Teams, Conducting Performance Appraisals, Resolving Conflicts in the work place and Improving Employee Relations. The best practices method will be gained with help for the new supervisory position. Though it is good judgment to be aware that having more than just one or two of the methods, again it will be favorable to anyone applying the skills. Beginning with communication, communication is the key to understanding. In order for you one to communicate you must understand how to effectively use it. When communicating, do not leave room for mis-interpretation. Mean what you say and say what you mean, but of course always think before you speak. A good way to also start communication is do a proposal in a timely fashion. This way the message can be accurate and will eliminate error. Moving forward, as well know new jobs require and usually come with orientation. It is extremely significant that your staff are oriented and prepared appropriately to ensure their safety, efficiency in their work place, productive and effective in the work place. For instance Alexander Garret, writer of ‘Crash Course In… Effective Induction” recommends to “send in the new hire information packet, which depending on the company will give annual reports, staff handbooks, newsletters, terms of employment and a guide to their new work place.” This will familiarize the employee of the company they will be working for on his or her first day. It also will be clever to have an employee of the company to greet on the first day of the new employee (Garret, 2007). Be prepared for the new employee, make sure you have a desk and supplies ready for them, so they can feel welcome and again not feel unwanted. It is very vital that all new employees are entirely trained in their job. Remember to train on what the new employee will encounter on day-to-day bases. Have different methods of training, that at times people acquire knowledge a little differently then others, or at times others learn steadier than others. To get an effective feed back to see if your new employee is learning, it will be best to have testing’s on what he or she has learned to guarantee that the training program was effective. There will be a training covering the material in a three-day period, to make certain that results are accurate. To run a successful company you must a fully prepared workers who can together work and accomplish what requires to be done and conquer any barriers to come or apparent. The employees are the root of the organization and have the most contact with our customers. The program will incorporate…