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MG420 DL Labor Relations
Research Assignment
Yajaira Masslow
April 29, 2012
Jeffrey Cotham

1. Define and discuss the term "collective bargaining." Include and discuss [showing relevance or applicability] at least one reference found in our text, along with a current web-based news item/magazine article about a real life example of a collective bargaining action. Write a succinct and complete summary on the contents of the article you've provided along with your critical comments about that article. Support your findings with referenced research. (5 points)

Efficiency, equity, and voice. These are the three primary objectives of labor relations, of employees, and
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and an injunction was put into place against such a poster placement (

On September 01, 1934, thousands of Southern textile workers participated in a significant protest against employers who were violating the very rules implemented by the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and had not improved working conditions or working hours for the workers. Unfortunately, the strike was deemed unsuccessful due to the disregard of the regulations put into place by this very same Act, they were ignored and the workers were forced to return to their duties without the promised improvements. This was the defining moment when the NLRA was brought to the forefront soon after and was needed to avoid such unfair labor practices (Budd, p.116).

Many employers were unhappy with the implementation of the NLRA and were intent on fighting against it head on. They succeeded with the Taft-Hartley Act, which is the second labor law that supports collective bargaining. In 1947, the NLRA was amended and placed unions in a much more regulative state. Unions were no longer able to have as many liberties as they once had via the NLRA. With this Act, unions were under governmental control over strikes and even the inner workings of the unions. They would no longer participate in political campaigns and the process of organizing unions