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MGF5020 Business Ethics in a Global Environment ASSESSMENT TASK 1: GUIDED READING SUMMARIES (Weeks 1-10)

This document is designed to help you read, understand and evaluate a selected set of prescribed readings, as well as improve your academic reading and note-taking skills. Below are some guiding questions to help you focus your summary.

Please complete this part:

Guided Reading Summary Week No (insert as appropriate) ________2______________________

Student Name ________________Fangxu Zhou_______ Student ID ___________25382500_____________

Tutor’s Name ____________________________________ Tutorial Day and Time _Monday 20:00_______

Provide full reference of the text selected for reading and summarising (use APA style, as prescribed by the QManual).

Recommended Template:

1. What is this text about? What is the main issue or problem raised in this text? (20%)
From this text, the case concerns the moral negligence of the engineers and supervisor of Goodrich deriving from the production of the A7D aircraft brake for LTV Aerospace. After ten years, Goodrich lost an opportunity to rebuild its reputation as supplier to the aerospace manufactures.
2. How does the author address the problem? (20%)
The author actually didn’t address the problems. He/she simply state the facts that occurred long time ago. This is classic case study regarding ethical issues. The problems that arise within this case contradicts personal moral for business success. For example, Vandivier outweighed the costs of his personal life benefits Venus his business benefits when made a decision refer to ethics. In addition, communication failed within employees and departments, which lead to the organizational norms, became invalid in company.
3. What is the main conclusion of this text? What recommendations (if any) are offered? (20%)
The case study concerns the negligence of the engineers and supervisor of Goodrich. This text shows that how serious the consequences are when people fail to take morally responsibilities for their actions and sacrifice their honest. This text also shows that how huge cost is when people fail to communicate and get their facts straight.

4. What are the strengths (if any) of the argument(s) presented in this text? What are its weaknesses (if any)? Briefly state the reasons behind your