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Executive Summary
Man-Pad Inc. is taking the initiative too bring affordable, convenient and effective armpit pads to the market. Far too often we have seen unwarranted armpit stains as a result of a range of different things including heat, stress and nervousness. We are combining technology affordability, awareness and simplicity to first and for most to protect the people, and also for them to enjoy the confidence of sweat free living.
United States is a fast growing country in many ways one of those ways is the increase in the workforce moving more toward the corporate environment, which means these people will be wearing suits and other business attire. Companies have been moving to more business casual attire, which means there is no suit jacket. This leaves people vulnerable to armpit stains showing lowering confidence and moral. Over 3% of American’s suffer from Hyperhidrosis, which is excessive underarm sweating starting in adolescence or young adult hood. This condition causes people to change their shirts frequently because of underarm sweating. The Man-Pad in this situation would stop these people from changing so frequently by catching the sweat before it hits their shirt.
Company Description
The Man-Pad was formed in 2013 by 5 University at Buffalo (UB) students who were concerned about going into the professional environment. A few of the founders have excessive sweating problems and needed something to stop this problem when going to social gatherings and professional settings.
The Man-Pad is primarily for people who have to wear a suit and tie to work everyday and need to be presentable at all times for clients. Over the last few years the summers have been excessively hot leaving people working in suits in crowded cities with unpreventable armpit stains. With the Man-Pad this problem is solved. This problem also occurs with men who go out at night to a crowded hot bar or club; the Man-Pad boosts confidence knowing you wont have armpit stains.
With the utilization of business contacts and personal funds the prototype for the Man-Pad could be created in early 2013. After many months of testing the final version of the Man-Pad was created and is able to attach to your underarm comfortably without coming off or losing absorbency. The Man-Pad is made in the United States by and outside manufacturing company. In the future our goal is too outsource our product overseas to lower manufacturing cost and bring our product international. Competitor Analysis As of 2013 Degree for men owns the highest percentage…