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Running head: PHASE 5 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 1 Phase 5 Individual Project, Ethical Business Obligations Hope Green Colorado Technical University Professor Sweet MGM365-1401B-01 Running head: PHASE 5 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 2 Phase 5 Individual Project, Ethical Business Obligations
Morals and Values
Good morals and values are things that we should have in regards to not only our personal life and the way we act and treat people, but also in regards to our business life and how we treat both coworkers and customers. Values are the actual beliefs that we live by in our lives such as do unto others as you would have done unto you. Morals are the values that we believe in that can usually be attributed to an external place of learning them such as one’s religion or the society they live in. It is our morals that help us to determine the difference between right from wrong and choose to do the right thing (Career Education Corporation, 2010).
Code of Conduct Plan
Having a code of conduct plan in place for any business is crucial to its survival. If there is not a plan in place, some employees may not know how to act in certain situations and they may do something that could really hurt the business. Proper behavior cannot be expected unless leaders tell the population what they expect and how proper behavior is supposed to look (Editorial Board, 2012).
Doing Business Abroad
One thing to think about when doing business overseas is the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Department of State is instrumental in issuing Apostilles and Certificates of Authentication. Depending on the country where the document is going to be issued is what determines which document will be needed. Some countries are not a part of the Hague Apostille Convention, for those countries, you would need an authentication certificate. If the country is a part of the Hague Apostille Convention, then Apostille Certificates are issued. The types of documents that require an authentic certificate are things like company bylaws, Running head: PHASE 5 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 3 trademarks, extraditions, courier letters, and other documents. The Office of Authentications issues these certificates in accordance with 22 CFR, Part 131(Bureau Of Consular Affairs & U.S. Department Of State, n.d.).
Proper Documentation
Before travelling anywhere outside of the USA, there are certain papers and documentation that must be addressed. A current passport is one of the most important things that everyone will need that will be travelling outside of the USA. There are some host countries that require you to have a visa and sometimes you will also need a record of vaccination. If your business is going into another country to demonstrate a certain product, then an ATA carnet might be required, according to each individual country. You should contact the U.S. Council for International Business if you need to determine whether or not you will need this before bringing any objects for demonstration into another country. If you see that you do need an ATA Carnet, remember that it will take about six to eight weeks to apply for and receive it; they are good for one year.
All travel outside of the United States and Canada requires a valid United States passport. You may obtain one through some post offices, passport agencies, and also United States district courts. It usually takes about three weeks for a passport to be issued; after all proper documentation has been turned in. Some countries require you to also have a visa, this is why you must first check with the country you are planning on doing business in before actually going there. Visas are not given at the Passport Services office in the United States, instead you first have to have a passport and then when in that country, after showing certain documentation Running head: PHASE 5 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 4 you