Mgmt 361 Discussion 4 Essay

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Shauna Glenn
September 9, 2014
MGMT 361- Discussion 4

How can the accuracy of pre-employment interviews be improved?
A successful interview should determine if there is a match between the individual and the job. Furthermore, a good interview process allows you to understand their behavior, values, motivations, and qualifications. The interviewer should know what they are looking for in a candidate whether it is entry-level or full performance competencies. Screen resumes, looking for key words that fit the job description and skills that will transfer from a previous jobs to the new position. Have interview questions that are based on the job analysis results. The interviewer can ask scenario questions or sample role-plays which are effective ways to learn and practice new skills. This will allow the candidate to demonstrate their skills and personal charisma while the interviewer is able to develop a sense of how they will handle situations or people during stressful times. The best interview follows a structured process. A structured approach helps avoid bias and gives all applicants a fair chance. Conduct interviews in a relax environment by putting the candidate at ease with simple questions along with general information about the organization. Candidates should also be given a pre-employment test or questionnaire to better screen the individuals. Establish minimum standards for non-verbal cues such as body language, posture, mannerisms and appearance. These things…