Life Styles Conflict Inventory Assignment

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Tiffany Hawkins
May 18, 2013
LSI Paper
Mgmt 570

The Life Styles Conflict Inventory assignment gave me a chance to see on paper how my thinking styles influence my ability to deal with conflict situation. The life styles survey is geared towards helping individuals gain an insight into their own self development and personality along with the type of behaviors we exercise to others as well. By doing the survey, I have a better understanding on how I can constructively deal with conflict as an individual. The survey also helps us take a look on the positive and negative qualities of our own personalities and different ways we to build and improve upon them.
My score for “constructive conflict” which includes, pragmatist,
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I believe that my personality is a reflection of how I was raised as a child. My parents took the time to motivate me to be the best and work hard in anything I do. I was raised with respectful values of life. Once I became an adult, those values and skills my parents instilled in me has paid off thru my work skills.
Taking this LSI survey has really made me realize things I didn’t even realize before. When you see yourself on paper it puts a different perspective in your eyes. The survey has highlighted my strengths and weaknesses. There were a lot of things that were brought to my attention that I never really thought about. With the help of this survey, it has made me see what I need to work on, build upon, and improve upon. Not only this assignment, but the course itself has motivated me to utilize my traits to develop my relationships, career, professional, and personal lifestyle while continuing to direct myself on the right road to success.

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