Essay about Mgmt: Employment and Lifetime Fitness

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Lifetime Fitness

BUS 2530

While working at lifetime we conducted our work as a self-directed team.
I have been a lifeguard before being hired in at lifetime and no place I worked previously ran as smoothly as things at Lifetime Fitness did. We all worked together and helped each other out with tasks or picking up shifts with out any hassle. We all got along and worked in a professional efficient manor. Some of the characteristics that were present in our self directed team were things such as having our own responsibilities and knowing we would be held accountable if our duties weren’t met. We were also allowed to manage our selves which was very nice because often time managers tend to micro manage which makes the work environment un-enjoyable and therefore employees start to resent the manager. So, it was nice not having a manager following our every move but knowing if we really needed them they were not too far. At lifetime we weren’t our managers “staff” we were they’re team and we were constantly encouraged to act as one. We were always attending workshops to teach us how to be better teammates to one another, as well as form relationship with one another. I really feel that it promoted a happy workplace and made employees want to succeed in their positions because we were given responsibilities and trust by our manager. We hardly ran into any issues within our team except for the “clicks” that would tend to form especially with the team members who have been there longer compared to the newer hires which is going to happen considering your more comfortable around people who share similarities with you, if you’re a new employee you’re going to gravitate towards the newer employees. The ways our manager tried to work around this issue was quickly implementing teamwork specifically between the new hires and the employees who have worked for the company a while. This not only let the