MGMT340 Week 1 Course Project KS Essay

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1. How do information systems projects get started in organizations?

At the beginning of an information systems project, organizations create a systems development life cycle (SDLC) methodology that identifies a variety of phases of development for a project. The SDLC process begins with the “planning and selection” stage that typically involves someone having an idea for an information system and what it should do. The company would then make decisions based on the necessary resources required for the system in question. This follows with a study of an organization’s “way of business” which enables professionals to develop a strategy for the implementation of a new system.

2. How are organizational information systems related to company strategy? How does strategy affect the information systems a company develops and uses?

Organizational information systems are related to a company’s strategy as they are constructed based on a businesses’ goals. It’s inferable that a company will strategize based on what others are doing in the market and what works or what should work in regards to their success. It would be not only a waste of time and money to develop an SDLC without a strategy in place, but also resources. Therefore, it’s my opinion that a SDLC should not even exist without a plan or strategy.

4. What do you think Jim’s next step would be?

I think Jim’s next step would be to examine Petrie’s Electronics’ new goal. From, Ella Whinston’s declared priority,