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discussion notes on management 230-456

Consider the community in which you live. What is your responsibility within your own community? Explain and provide examples of what you consider your responsibilities.
The community I live in is a military community I guess you can say. My boyfriend and I are both military as well as my sons father. I am surrounded by structure and order which gets repetitive for me until I started my civilian job at unemployment. There is so many people that are in leadership positions that do not deserve to be there. In the military people earn their rank and and know they are under the UCMJ to mess up in any unprofessional way. My responsibilities in my civilian job is to instill those values to civilians because most pope do not have that second job of being prior active duty and now a reservist. I do try to always act appropriate and never be unprofessional. There is always a time and place to have fun just not in the work place around customers in my opinion.

Provide an example of a socially responsible effort within your community. In what ways does this influence the community? How do these efforts affect the individuals within the community?
I like how my community are now more involved with the children when the parents are deployed to a war zone. It is very hard for the children to understand why their parent has to be gone for 6 months or year. These efforts gets the kids excited about when their parent will be home and happy that their parent is doing something special and that they are apart of the war effort.

According to Ch. 2 of Basic Ethics, “It is inconsistent on one hand to accept the assistance of the community via schools, police, fire, roads….and on the other hand to deny to a reciprocal duty to give back to the community” (Boylan, 2009). What are some ways the community asks its members to give back? Does each individual have the same responsibilities? Explain why or why not. in one way to give back to the community without doing much is just be respectful of your community. That means not littering or destroying