Mgt/230 Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
Jody Denton
November 6, 2011
Dr. Matasha Murrell Jones

Organizational Structure Paper The temperature outside is 30 degrees and the predicted weather for the next week will continue to drop below freezing. When Jane wakes up in the morning without any heat, she weighs her options and sets out to call the gas company to get her service reconnected. Jane is advised by the customer service representative that in order to get her service turned on she would need to pay her past due bill of $1,200. Upon the news, Jane advises that she has children in the home and demands the service to be reconnected. Once again, the customer service representative advises Jane that she would need to pay her past
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Each division has its own departments that are based on function. The human resources department is designed to aid employees with benefits that the organization offers. Each functional department is designed to focus on a specific function within the organization. The customer service department focuses on assisting customers with their service, responding to requests, and provides a positive experience to each customer. The billing department is responsible for the financial portion of providing customers service. They work to provide accurate bills, correct exceptions, and look to provide services such as automatic bank drafts, equal payment plans, or payment arrangements. Engineering focuses on providing services to customers needing new service, or possible lines relocated for continuation of services. The dispatch department’s focus is to provide communication to the service people in the field. Since the departments are made into functional areas, if there is a problem, it is more likely to be identified. In addition a standard is easily maintained. The quality assurance of a customer service call will be easier to determine if all of the callers have been trained on the same standards. By organizing the departments into functional areas, Oneok can focus on the needs of each department and carry through the needs of customers, employees, and the organization. With guidelines that